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Dear Colleagues,

As Vice-President of ISGS, I'd like to alert you to two items of business that will be on the agenda for the International Society for Gesture Studies (ISGS) http://www.gesturestudies.com/ <http://www.gesturestudies.com/>  Conference in Berlin in July http://www.isgs2010.de/. <http://www.isgs2010.de/> 


Nominations for Elections

In July, we will be electing a new Executive Board. Below is a list of positions and requirements.  Please consider running or nominating a colleague for a position. Nominations should be emailed to me at gstam at nl.edu <mailto:gstam at nl.edu> .


Executive Board (to serve from July 2010 until the next ISGS Conference)

Past President:                                                 Susan Goldin-Meadow




Secretary General:                                          

Treasurer (must be a U.S. citizen):

Public Relations Manager:


2012 or 2013 Conference

Also in July, we will decide on where the next conference will take place in either 2012 or 2013 and need individuals to submit proposals. So far, we have had conferences at Austin 2002, Lyon 2005, Chicago 2007, and Berlin 2010. Please consider hosting the 2012 or 2013 Conference. If you are interested in doing so, please email me at gstam at nl.edu <mailto:gstam at nl.edu> .


Finally, I'd like to remind you to renew your membership in ISGS for the 2010 calendar year. Your membership will enable ISGS to grow and offer scholarships and travel awards. You can go to http://www.gesturestudies.com/join.php <http://www.gesturestudies.com/join.php>  to do so. 

Membership provides a discounted subscription to GESTURE, the international journal of gesture studies, at an annual price of Euro 60 (regular subscription for private subscribers is Euro 85) and a 30% discount on fees for ISGS conferences. 


Best regards,


Gale Stam

Vice-President, ISGS


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