To empower gesture researchers to build local communities and to strengthen ISGS by spreading gesture research AROUND THE GLOBE, we have begun to support “ISGS hubs” in different regions. Look out for events, workshops and conferences and get into contact with the Hub members close to you.

ISGS Hub Hong-Kong

The ISGS – Hong Kong was established in 2019 to recognise the growing footprint of gesture research in this part of the world. The goal of our ISGS Hub is to bring together academics interested in gesture studies both in HK and from the wider region to build specialised knowledge and collaborations.

The ISGS-HK was founded by Wing Chee SoWai-lan Gladys TangRenia Lopez-Ozieblo and Simon  Harrison. 

For more information, announcements, and publications see the website of the hub.

You can also follow ISGS-HK on Twitter  @GestureHK and Instagram @gesturesocietyHK.