journal “GESTURE”

Gesture publishes articles reporting original research, as well as survey and review articles, on all aspects of gesture. The journal aims to stimulate and facilitate scholarly communication between the different disciplines within which work on gesture is conducted. For this reason papers written in the spirit of cooperation between disciplines are especially encouraged.

Topics may include, but are by no means limited to:

  • the relationship between gesture and speech
  • the role gesture may play in communication in all the circumstances of social interaction, including conversations, the work-place or instructional settings
  • gesture and cognition
  • the development of gesture in children
  • the place of gesture in first and second language acquisition
  • the processes by which spontaneously created gestures may become transformed into codified forms; the documentation and discussion of vocabularies of ‘quotable’ or ‘emblematic’ gestures
  • the relationship between gesture and sign
  • studies of gesture systems or sign languages such as those that have developed in factories, religious communities or in tribal societies
  • the role of gesture in ritual interactions of all kinds, such as greetings, religious, civic or legal rituals
  • gestures compared cross-culturally
  • gestures in primate social interaction
  • biological studies of gesture, including discussions of the place of gesture in language origins theory
  • gesture in multimodal human-machine interaction; historical studies of gesture
  • and studies in the history of gesture studies, including discussions of gesture in the theatre or as a part of rhetoric.

Gesture provides a platform where contributions to this topic may be found from such disciplines as linguistics, archaeology, anthropology, biology, communication studies, neurology, ethology, theatre studies, literature and the visual arts, cognitive psychology and computer engineering.

Gesture is accompanied by a book series, Gesture Studies.

ISSN 1568-1475 | E-ISSN 1569-9773

Sotaro Kita, University of Warwick

Honorary Editor
Adam Kendon, University College London

Editorial Assistant
Bertolt Fessen, European University Viadrina, Frankfurt-Oder

Associate Editors
Olivier Le Guen, CIESAS, Mexico
Susan Wagner Cook, University of Iowa

Editoral Board
Heather Brookes, University of Cape Town
Mingyuan Chu, University of Aberdeen
Alan Cienki, VU University Amsterdam & Moscow State Linguistic University
Kensy Cooperrider, University of Chicago
N.J. Enfield, University of Sydney
Marianne Gullberg, Lund University
Autumn Hostetter, Kalamazoo College
Spencer D. Kelly, Colgate University
Stefan Kopp, Bielefeld University
Lorenza Mondada, University of Basel
Gary Morgan, City University London
Victoria Nyst, Leiden University
Şeyda Özçalışkan, Georgia State University
Asli Özyürek, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen
Pamela Perniss, University of Brighton
Simone Pika, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology
Katharina Rohlfing, University of Paderborn
Wing Chee So, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

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