gesture research in the news

Research from members of our societies is often featured in the press. Media coverage helps us to promote gesture studies worldwide, across disciplinary institutional boundaries and facilitate dialogue among researchers, professionals and the interested public. The selection of featured articles gives you an insight into the diverse range of gesture research and its relevance for the public.


Making Conversations shorter Through blinking

Audio feature with Judith Holler from the Max Planck Institute in Nijmegen on how blinking can affect conversations.  Listen to the audio feature (in German)


Robots break communication barriers with autistic Hong Kong children. Professor’s programme teaches interaction skills using machines designed to appeal to kids







Article about Professor Catherine So Wing-chee and her work at the Hong-Kong University on how to break communication barriers for autistic children with the help of some robot friends. Read the whole article

Gestures – Past, Present and Future @ the Sächsische Industriemuseum, Chemnitz (Germany)







Article about an exhibition by the gesture team at the TU Chemnitz in Germany (Ellen Fricke, Jana Bressem, Daniel Schöller).  For more information on the exhibition visit their website or take a look at this video.

Gesturing with hands is a powerful tool for children’s math learning







Article on a study from Susan Goldin-Meadow and her  team at the University of Chicago Department of Psychology showing that use of abstract gestures is a powerful tool for helping children understand and generalize mathematical concepts. Read the whole article