gestures and the public

Gestures are indispensable from many arenas of human life, including communication, thought, collaborative work, education, science, art, music and dance. With the DEVELOPMENT of new technologies for interacting with machines, gesture research is moving more and more into the spotlight. Controlling your smart home with gestures and even communicating with driverless cars through speech and gesture is no Longer in the distant future. For all these aspects, experts on gestures from different academic and creative disciplines are needed. Our society gathers together these specialists.

Explore the different gestures centers and research groups around the world to find your contact person or browse through media coverage showcasing research from our members.

If you are interested in collaborations or particular information on gestures but are not sure whom to address, please contact our public relations officer or leave a message use this contact form.

gesture centers around the world

Gesture research spreads around the world and research centers and gesture groups are located in different continents. With particular research foci, the centers and groups advance the study of gestures in different fields and by following different methodological and theoretical approaches. the centers and groups push forward the study of gestures in their respective fields … Continue reading gesture centers around the world

gesture research in the news

Research from members of our societies is often featured in the press. Media coverage helps us to promote gesture studies worldwide, across disciplinary institutional boundaries and facilitate dialogue among researchers, professionals and the interested public. The selection of featured articles gives you an insight into the diverse range of gesture research and its relevance for … Continue reading gesture research in the news