Gesture - The Living Medium
Papers from the First Congress of the International Society for Gesture Studies,
The University of Texas at Austin, June 5 - 8, 2002


Works and lives of gesture

Goodwin, Charles: Multi-Modal Gesture  
Murphy, Keith: Further Notes on the Synthesis of Form: Gestures, Talk, and Graphic Thinking in Architectural Practice  
Ashley, Richard and Mader, Ronda: The Expressive Movements of Flutists:  Categories And Functions  
Frazier, Stefan: How Does She Play That? The Roles of Talk and Embodiment in Referring to Objects and Persons  
Phillabaum, Scott: Constructing Identity through Talk, Space, and the Body  
Mondada, Lorenza: Describing surgical gestures: the view from researcher's and surgeon's video recordings  

Semiotics and semantics of gesture

Calbris, Geneviève: Semantic Structure of Gestures  
Parrill, Fey and Sweetser, Eve: Representing Meaning: Morphemic-Level Analysis within a Holistic Approach to Gesture Transcription.  
MacGregor,D: Real Space Blends in Spoken Language: Evidence from 'Mr. Roberts'  
Fricke, Ellen: Origo, Pointing, and Speech – The Phenomenon of Two Non-Identical Origos on the Gestural and Verbal Level  
Cienki, Alan: Bush’s and Gore’s Gestures:Do They Correlate with ‘Strict Father’ versus ‘Nurturant Parent’ Language?  

Mittelberg, Irene: Making Grammar Visible:The Use of Metaphoric Gestures to Represent Grammatical Categories and Structures


Webb, Rebecca: American Metaphoric Gestures: A Lexicon and Components


Gesture, discourse, and understanding

Cosnier, Jacques: Own-Body Use For The Perception Of The Partner's Affects, About empathy and the concept of Body-Analyser  
Maury-Rouan, Claire: Do Listener’s Facial Expressions Influence Speaker’s Discourse?  

Payrató, Lluís: Variation, Multimodal Communication and Multilingualism: The VARCOM Project

Tabensky, Alexis: Gestures in Oral Presentations by Second Language Learners  

Zukow-Goldring, Patricia: Perceiving Reference through Dynamic Gesture during Early Lexical Development


The production of gesture

Furuyama, Nobuhiro: A Study on Coordination of Speech, Gesture and Breathing Movements

Furuyama, Nobuhiro, McNeil, David, and Park-Doob, Mischa: Is Speech-Gesture Production Ballistic or Interactive?

Embodiment and performance

Julio Cesar Tavares de Souza Embodied language, gesture and memory: how can one “get ginga"
Koenig, Christopher J.: Gesture and Embodiment: A Performance Ethnographic Perspective
Lonergan, J. E. : The Ecology of Servitude in Tarahumara Ritual Tesgüinada
Carr, Tessa and Shoemaker, Deanna: The Performance of Gesture: A Feminist Enactment of Heavy Metal

Gestures and signs

Mcclave, Evelyn: Nonmanual Gestures in American Sign Language

Cormier, Kearsy: The Effect of number Marking on the Use of Space in ASL

Pfau, Roland: The Grammar of Headshake: Sentential Negation in German Sign Language
Taub, Sarh, Pinar, Pilar& Galvan, Dennis: Comparing Spatial Information in Speech/Gesture and Signed Language

Gestures and computers

Newlands, Allison: Using Speech Related Gestures to Aid Referential Communication in Face-to-face and Computer-Supported Collaborative Work

Corradini, Andrea: Gesture Interfaces for Multimodal Systems in HCI