ISGS: International Society for Gesture Studies

Past ISGS conferences and events

ISGS 7 (2016) — Paris, France

The seventh conference of the ISGS took place at Sorbonne Nouvelle University, Paris, France, July 18–22, 2016. It was entitled Gesture — Creativity — Multimodality.

Keynote speakers were Martha Alibali, Alessandro Duranti, Scott Liddell, Cornelia Müller and Catherine Pélachaud. Leonard Talmy figured as special guest.

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# Abstracts submitted: 503
# Abstracts accepted altogether: 367
# Abstracts accepted as talks: 185
# Abstracts accepted as part of panels: 91
# Abstracts accepted as posters: 85
# Visitors who paid the fee: 410 (but some cancelled — this will be updated)

ISGS 2014 — San Diego, CA, United States

The sixth conference of the ISGS took place at the University of California, San Diego, United states, July 8–11, 2014. It had the title Gesture in Interaction.

Keynote speakers were Herbert H. Clark, Susan Wagner Cook, Asli Ozyurek, Marjorie H. Goodwin, Andy Wilson, and Marianne Gullberg.

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# Abstracts submitted: 312
# Abstracts accepted as talks: 119
# Abstracts accepted as part of panels: 47
# Abstracts accepted as posters: 60
# People registered as regular participant: 125
# People registered as student: 110 (75 paid registrations,
20 bursary recipients,
and 15 local volunteers)

ISGS 5 (2012) — Lund, Sweden

The fifth conference of the ISGS took place at Lund University, Sweden, July 24–27, 2012, entitled The Communicative Body in Development. Keynote speakers were Michael C. Corballis, Jana M. Iverson, Spencer Kelly, Stefan Kopp, Lorenza Mondada, and Wendy Sandler.

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ISGS 2010 — Frankfurt Oder, Germany

The fourth conference of the ISGS took place in Frankfurt, Oder, Germany, July 25–30, 2010 under the title Gesture — Evolution, Brain and Linguistic Structures. Keynote speakers were Joseph Call, Alan Cienki, Susan Goldin-Meadow, Georg Goldenberg, Adam Kendon, Roland Posner, Jürgen Streeck, and Sherman Wilcox.

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ISGS 2007 — Chicago, IL, USA

The third congress of the ISGS, Integrating Gestures took place in Chicago, at Northwestern University, USA, June 18–21, 2007. Keynote speakers were Ipke Wachsmuth, Susan Goldin-Meadow, and Karen Emmorey.

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ISGS 2005 — Lyon, France

The second congress of the ISGS, Interacting Bodies (Corps en Interaction), was held at the Universite Lyon 2, France, June 15–18, 2005. Keynote speakers were Janet Bavelas, Geoffrey Beattie, Justine Cassell, Christian Heath, Marc Jeannerod, and Virginia Volterra.

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Workshop: Gestural communication in nonhuman and human primates (2004)

ISGS co-sponsored the workshop "Gestural communication in nonhuman and human primates" during the 5th International Conference on the Evolution of Language at the Max Planck Institut für evolutionäre Anthropologie, Leizpig (Germany), March 28–30, 2004, which was organized by Cornelia Müller (Berlin) and Katja Liebal (Leipzig). Among the presenters were Michael Arbib, Luigia Camaioni, Susan Goldin-Meadow, Barbara King, Cornelia Müller, and Michael Tomasello.

ISGS 2002, Austin, TX, USA

The first congress of the ISGS, Gesture-The Living Medium, took place at the University of Texas at Austin, June 5–8, 2002. The congress was attended by 220 participants from 18 countries; 120 papers were presented.

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